Welcome to Gary Allen’s Regency Angling.

Regency Angling, based in the picturesque riverside village of Mequineza Spain and is run by Gary Allen and ideally situated to cater for all of your angling needs. The quality of the fishing in Mequinenza and the surrounding area  is simply some of the best in the world. This River offers catfish to 250lbs+, carp approaching 80lbs, zander to 20lbs +, as well as Roach, Rudd and perch all to over 4lbs.

Gary offers one of the best all year Carp fishing and Catfishing holidays in Spain, with March through to November being the best time for the Cats. He is based in the village of Mequinenza, on the junction of the mighty River Ebro and the River Segre, home of Catfishing in Spain

Private Guiding by Gary Allen

Gary’s roots in fishing go back many years. He is also a well respected angler in his own right with some huge  catches to his name. Gary Has has actively fished here for the last 24 years.  due to his local knowledge In 2003 Gary Allen was invited to make a documentary for the “safari” series with good friend John Wilson about the Carp and Catfishing around the Rio Ebro & Rio Segre at Meqinenza in Spain.

Gary is a fluent Spanish speaker and moved to Spain having found the best fishing around when it was then still very much a secret word of mouth location. Soon though thanks to a few newspapers and a fishing video or two the New’s was out the big cats had arrived so Gary’s expert local knowledge was in demand. He soon found himself working as a guide at the Bavarian Guiding Service campsite. on the the banks of the River Segre in Mequinenza .  Over the years he has gained a unique knowledge of the ever-changing river bed as it ebbs and flows in flood and drought.

These days the Ebro is a world-class fishery and known by every fisherman looking for some excitement. Gary offers some of the best guided catfish and carp all year round guided trips.