The River Ebro in Spain now offers the best in Catfishing and Carp fishing in Europe.

Your Carp or Catfish adventure on the River Ebro in Spain starts with a warm welcome from Gary, who will then familiarise you with  your Carp or Catfishing tackle.  also the areas that you will be fishing on the River Ebro and the River Segre. Gary only supplies the best in tackle & bait. Fox rods, Shimano reels, JRC shelters, top quality Halibut Pellets, Nash Boilies and Gary’s Special particle mix. When fishing for the huge Catfish and Carp on the river Ebro, you need to have confidence in your tackle and top quality baits.

You will be fishing for hard fighting Carp and Catfish, either from the bank or from one of our fully equipped boats, so good quality tackle is a must. Through our experience over the years we have arrived at tackle combinations that work best. Gary is always available should you need some help getting started, or for your whole trip.

Important Note: If you book with Gary and come as a 2 or 3 man group, then that is how you will stay. Regency Angling will not put you with another group of anglers to make up a group of 4 or 6.  Imagine coming all this way and only every 6th take is yours!

its no coincidence that our guests return to us year after year

He wants this to be the trip of a lifetime for you and he will work hard to make sure it is!

With Gary you are in good hands Over the years Gary has guided for Joe Taylor, Ronnie de Groote, Martin Bowler and John Wilson to name but a few


The one thing you can be assured of with Regency Angling is a commitment to ensure your Catfishing or Carpfishing Holiday is the most productive and enjoyable fishing trip ever. With a top dedicated experienced guide like Gary by you side you will have the best chance you can.  check out the gallery

A Bit About Bait

Gary’s Special particle mix
this is a mix of seeds and pulses slow cooked to Garys special recipe. Its been well tested by Gary and many others over a long time and has produced some outstanding results.
you will need pre book as it requires preparation that takes some time, but its worth it. its produced good fish when others are catching nothing and fantastic personal bests for many guests.

Halibut Pellets
contains high quality ingredients such as marine fish meal, refined fish oil and blood products. The combination of these ingredients makes this feed extremely attractive for freshwater fish. Its become a staple bait for the bigger Cats And Carp


we have a range of nash boilies available on site. boilies are always Garys preferred bait while carp fishing. the carp love them, they are also less likely to get picked up by a catfish than a pellet.